Saturday, April 28, 2007

CPP on a friday night...

so they told us, that there was much to be done for the registration and setting up at the opening night of the Billings Conference. bollocks, no one was to be seen when we got there at 6pm. The conference was organised to begin at 730pm, so we tried to leave uni as soon as class ended. But we found ourselvs to be relatively early. after 10mins or so of setting up soem laptops and projectors, we were pretty much done. driving 30 kms all the way to heidelberg just to do that, was quite a wate of time.

fortunately, we got a chance to have a mini discussion with Dr Mary Martin, who is a Gynaecologist who is in provate practise in the United States. The session we had with her was really insightful and enriching. I must say, having a very experienced gynaecologist come in to spend some time with 2nd year medical students was really time well spent. not only did we get her insight on the Billing's Method, but also some lessons in medicine. The pill...end ovulation...hyperinsulinaemia...... increased insulin and its effects on circulating androgens...metabolic syndromes...pre-diabetes in women, and the relationships with fertility. It was quite a bit in that one session, 60% of medical jargon that I did not understand one bit, even after 1.5 years in medical school. This is why I chose the Billings Method for CPP last year, not to be some slave worker, packing hundreds of envelopes and photocopying 100s of door bags. i'll give this another chance, hopefully once the conference ends and the teacher-training session begins, we'll all get what we were orginally looking for..

the next 2 weeks are rural week, so the urbanites like me wil be having a more relaxed time-table. I gotta make sur eI use this time wisely, get alot..and I mean ALOT of studying done, as well as some HPKM stuff. perhap sI could get a few rounds of golf in the 2 weeks. we'll see.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

tired, exhausted and a general loss of interest in life...

dear diary,

went out clubbing tonight. its been almost a month since the last time i went out. Long Room along Collins St was the venue for tonights forae with my good fren, shuwen. good fren she was, when she interrupted me as I was running my game on this chick, damn it. This place serves good alcohol, and by that I mean Asahi "Super Dry" Beer.

Almost died early wed morning. Never felt the exhaustion and fatigue after a long night of clubbing to this extent before. decided not to stay over at shuwens place, and instead drive home from the city at 5am in the morning. Most fortuantely where weren't any other cars on the road, as most importantly I was driving slowly and carefully. But a momentary lapse in concentration, led me to dozing off at the wheel. eyes shut for one second and I almost found myself driving straight into a road divider. Thank god nothing happened.

MEd school is getting more and more tiring each day, stupid project proposals to do. It just takes up too much time. My regular gym routines are slowly dwindling, in part due to lack of time, but most recently due to sheer exhaustion after a long day at school. My weekly weight record shows that I've been in the 70-71kg range over the past week, this is not good. My ideal weight should be maintained at 69kg. Following the exams last week, the night snacking regiment has not stopped. Though Is nack on healthy stuff like muesli, they pack a deal of carbohydrates, and It hink this is the main culprit in my recent weight gain. Gotta get back into the GYM regiment.

Went back to water polo for the first time this year. It's been a long time since i felt so exhausted. cramps and more cramps, was the main experience I had during the hour+ long session in the pool. Met Catie's boyfriend, who schools at Deakin, but decided to come down to the Monash club. what a small world.

met a SUPER hot chick at the gym today. but my blue balls syndrome set in. damn. I hope to see her again sometime soon.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


yesterday,I was conned into joining the society I so vehemently avoided last year. All I did was want to play paint ball, but I had to join this dumbass association. fuck. Paintball, good fun and excitement. That is if you go with a good group of friends. this group unfortunately weren't my friends, but a bunch of retarded individuals who come from the same country as I did. this group of idiots and morons, and one individual in particular, dosen't understand english despite growing up in English speaking Singapore and now studying here in Australia. This fucking retard dosen't give regard to any safety rules at all, blardy bastard putting 3 pellets into my side, when only standing 2m away, and best of all after the game was declared over, because I won the game for my team. Fuck you, you stupid son of a bitch, mother fucker, rot in fucking hell and have a tragic death.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

1 Exam down, 3 more to GO.

the first mid semester was finally over yesterday. I would say i was fairly consistent over the past 7 weeks, but somehow, when it came down to the crunch, which for me would be 1 week before the actual exam, the number of pages, number of pictures and volume of text, seem to somehow grow by unimaginable proportions and the helpless medical student, in this instant myself, is left to fend for himself, with TIME as his indomitable enemy, and his laptop and caffeine shots as the only weapons to wield.

I cannot believe teh amount of work we medical students have to cover.back in Alevels, it was a narrow scope with a somewhat fair level of detail to cover, right now, its a scope that stretches beyod the horizons, and a depth of detail required that goes beyond conceivable proportions. this was only 7 weeks worth of work, at the end of the year, I would have 54 weeks worth of study material to cover, and not to mention, the totally hectic, but totally irrelevant project assignments that we have. but now that the first hurdle is over, I shall take a few days off, that is, perhaps reduce my amount of study to 40%, and from week 8 onwards, its back to the books. I need a plan, a RIGHT now plan. Long term plans and desires of fast cars, big bucks, and beautiful women can take a back seat, becoz the RIGHT NOW plan will be in action.

1. Do pre-reading for all lectures.
2. Do self directed learning prior to all Anatomy/Clinical Skills tutorials.
3. Weekends - Revision or more detailed research for personal understanding.

That would be the plan I hope would make me more prepared and more confident for the next exam.

On the brighter side of things, I cut up a man's face today. I broke his jaw, and picked away at the tissues, until they were clean, leaving behind only what I was required to see. My right now plan will make me a surgeon. That is the only way.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Torquay Day trip!!!

Dear diary,

this post was meant for yesterday. ANYWAYs, the cut-short easter break that my fellow medicos and myself have been hustled off has been going well, study has been going well, been able to concentrate when it comes down to it, dedicated attention and focus, just like ADSL, dedicated bandwith.

Sof first things first, headed down to torquay today with joshua and his sister joanne and his cousin Diana. Tried surfing for teh first time today, and I mst say it was mighty awesome, definitely worth another trip back there.IF i could go down every weekend, I just would. The whole town is just so laid back and into the surf culture, you dont see any form of industries over there, just small offices, cafes....that and other stuff. but what you do see are MASSIVE, and I mean MASSIVE Surf shops. surf shops the size of Nike Melbourne, which could easily be half of Borders book store, the one back home in Singapore, not the fucked up ones you find here, which are no bigger than Dymocks. All this just a 90min ride away.

today 100407, first time i played golf in 3 weeks perhaps. had quite a good game today, the best so far since coming down to Melbourne.Hit will with the irons and had a few good tee offs, just a bit short on the putting aspect, which I must seek to improve. 1 more day to the end of the so called 'break'. Its gonna be full on studying from here. till next time.

dont hold back.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

1 week break.....

finally the first half of semester 1 is finally over. easter break beckons, but there is merely another way of saying, "it's time to study, exams are just around the corner"

I hope to achieve some serious academic breakthrough during this break, and get some good marks for the exams. that aside, time must, and will be put aside for some recreation which = Golf and possible some surfing down at Torquay. HPKM wise, project is ahead of schedule, we've been able to organise good group meetings and accomplish our individual tasks, so that has been excellent.

DEMO DAY!! headed down to the Melbourne Golf Academy where they were having demontrations for the latest in Golfing equipment, and I got to try out almost every new driver there is on the market, including the FT-i, the SUMO^2 from NIKE, the Rapture from PING as well as the R7 from TaylorMade. I must say I really enjoyed hitting the Callaway X-20 Tour Irons, nice straight, long shots with the 6 iron. Wasn't really feeling it with the Nike CCi Forged Irons. as for the drivers, SUMO^2 seems really good, and the noise on impact is insanely loud.the balls were flying quite straight despite some slicing on my part, due to lack of skill. but none the less the effects were quite obvious. Favourite DRiver of the day though, was the PING RAPTURE with 10 Deg Loft and R-Flex shaft.

I promise to make the a part of my golfing gear in the near future:

I found my social suicide girl.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

FINA World Swimmming Championships 2007

waterpolo at it's best. it couldn't get any better today at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) as it is known in short. Spain vs Serbia for the Bronze and Croatia vs Hungary, all the big names in waterpolo. Serbia the pre-tournament favourite and world no.1 ranked team narrowly lost out to Spain in a long and ardous penalty shootout, whilst perenial waterpolo powerhouse lost to the current olympic champions in the Gold medal match. I must say the 78AUD was quite well spent. It will be some time again before I will get to catch waterpolo at a world class level.

you wouldn't believe how humongous those guys are. think of WWF wrestlers in bathing suits, slamming balls into the goal post at 75-80km/h. that is absolute power and agility.

other than this, the weekend did not prove fruitful in the academic department. once again got distracted by TV shows, and the ongoing swimming championships. Australia's performance has been rather dismal, the men in particular. Hackett failed to shine in his pet events and was dethroned as the king of long distance. Thorpe, who's absence I guess made a huge impression on the overall morale of the team. The women however were outstanding to say the least. USA, was just brilliant and Michael Phelps incredible.

Exams are in 2 weeks, and there is so much to cover, together with these bullshit assignments that we have to do.Easter holiday is just around the corner.looking forward to some golfing during that week, but it would mostly be spent preparing for the mid semester exams.

Behavioural Change Project. Time Mgmt vs Exercise. which should I focus on?? I reckon the one on exercise and weight loss will be a fair bit easier for me to write on and actually put detail into it.Having said that, time mgmt is something that I should be focusing on, seeing the amount of work inundating us this year. BOLLOCKS!!!!