Friday, August 24, 2007

3 exams down....1 to go...

the mid-semester exam for MED2042 is finally over. now just one more final exam, before real medicine. going thru the exam script yesterday, I reckon i did pretty alright, should be able to pull off a Distinction, which I would be happy with, anything better would be a bonus.

a number of events are coming up for me, Rural placement, and Phantom of the Opera. going to bendigo this year, with a group of students that are 80% Asian. Good fun I say, imagine a whole bunch of Asian kids in rural australia, where people who haven't seen non-white people other than their own indigenous people actually exist, place where some people may or may not have telephones and television. but i guess this is a good break from school. I'm going to have to maximise my time spent in Rural, plenty of assignments to submit this semester, so i'll have to finish some, so i can put them aside, and not let them get in the way of my final exam preparations.

Went on a shopping trip today. not so much as to buy things i needed urgently, but rather to make use of my very very awesome Country Road privileges. $100 discount when you spend $300. and for 200 bucks, i got my self a new pair of shoes, a bag, and a Neck Tie. shopping in Australia is always more awesome then back home, where the sales are rubbish and the variety is severely lacking.

So time has really flown by that quickly, and only half a semester, 7 weeks or so left till the end of the school year. I only hope to make the best of what's left....

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

lazy crap...

some people involved in group assignment can be incredibly lazy, and at the age of 19 have not a single ounce of fucking initiative. and stop fucking behaving like you ahve done plenty for the group, when even the most important part of the project was taken over by someone not even involved in the project. FUCK you!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

many falls, bumps, and soggy pants and socks later....

Snowboarding is DEFINITELY the BEST sport in the world.initially quite a challenge to pick up, but after a few runs, nothing else can truly beat the exhilaration of carving the slopes, charging down at top speed, and at the same time praying you down fall and break something. today's weather in Melbourne, was just wet. Wetness in the city is good, but pelting rain on the mountain top is almost suffering. but when engaging in some as exciting as snowboarding, you just tend to forget about everything else. today's visibility was in a sense PITCH BLACK, just think everything in WHITE. you literally could not see further than 5-8m in front of you.

People might think that cruising down the slopes is effortless, but only those who have ever tried will tell you how much it taxes your quads and your calf, and when you fall over, it hurts your wrists..... but it is definitely worth every minute and cent of it.

Friday, August 10, 2007

no interest in life.....

the past few weeks have gone by quite quickly. been sick, been tired, been sick and tired. but i've since recovered. the lectures have been quite intense and the workload just never ceases to increase.i slowly feel the pressure creeping up on me, and finally what it means to be in medical school has never been as clear. last year in perspective, was a complete joke compared to this year. as i look ahead into the weeks to come, i see essays and more essays, essays to reflect on projects and essays to reflect on what you have just reflected on. this need for reflection in a medical curriculum still befuddles me. finally got back the results from the delayed exam, and im glad to say I did quite ok. managed to scrape a distinction. it was quite unexpected i must say.

the group assignments aren't going as well as i wanted them to be. it seems that in 2 groups of people im working with, i have to constantly be the one to keep abreast of what is going on, and push people to get their work done.i dun mind taking up this role, but what pisses me off the most is people lacking in initiative, people who see difficulties and try to find easy escapes immediately, this morons dun deserve to be doctors.

my next exam is one week away. and with everything to juggle, i can only pray for the best.

I'm going snowboarding tomorrow, its going to be good, and better still to just get away from everything.