Saturday, February 27, 2010

transition camp...2010

so this year I decided to attend Transition camp, which is the orientation camp for 1st year medical students. It's been a while since my own transition camp and I was curious to take a look back in time, to see if I could recognize the changes that have taken place over time, in terms of my own maturity and development as a medical student. The last 2 days have been great. I think it is worthwhile for people to often look back and think about previous milestones in their lives i.e. first day of med school, first day as a medical student, end of first rotation in Final year etc...

confused looks aplenty, shy faces, and anxiety. The look of the fresh medical student on their first days of university learning. Only now that I think about 4 years ago, when I was in a similar position, do I ask myself if I was at that point just as clueless and helpless as these freshies. Certainly didnt feel like it, but most likely that was the case. As was I 4 years go, these new 'kids' have no idea the changes that woudl happen to them as they progress through the years; they might very well know where they will end up, but the journey and experiences ahead still remain a mystery. We as the tutors and guides at the camp impart our previous experiences on to them, hoping words and pearls of wisdom would give them a clearer path in which to navigate from the first day; and in doing-so I personally have reflected much upon my own change in the past 4 years, and also wait in anticipation of whats to come in the next 4 for me.

What's more amazing is the awestruck look, and reverence these first years have when they learn that you (or I in this case) are not a FINAL year medical student. It's like final year medical students have some magical powers to captivate and attract. These very same feelings I had, when meeting final year medical students of yesteryears. While it feels good, it also somehow imposes a greater burden on learning and the continuous pursuit of excellence. The most drastic change I feel is the difference in sense of uncertainty I notice I had, as a result of interacting with these bunch of 1st years in the past compared to now. I'd like to beleive Im quite the self-assured, confident and bold doctor-to-be right now, and no longer the 'unsure medical student'

this has certainly been quite the introspective experience for me. feels like yesterday when I was at this camp myself in 2006. and now, in only a matter of months I will have become a Dr myself, with real responsibilities to society. It scares me, but it excites me even more.