Monday, January 28, 2008

back in Melbourne for 2008

arrived in Melbourne early this morning. perhaps one of the most boring flights i've had so far. There weren't many good movies to watch except for the Heartbreak Kid which was pretty good. " Screw OFF!! I'm just joking...... - Uncle Tito"

Terminal 3 is really quite nice. good shops, restaurants, everything just looking really perfect, would love to see that place again.

Apart from that its been a pretty tiring day, unpacking and arranging my new room. I have since moved out of Richo and am now staying with 2 fellow course-mates. 2 girls that is. It is going to be an interesting year ahead. Adding on to this, formal lessons in lecture theatres and classrooms is at best minimal and a thing of the past. pretty excited to see real patients and real medicine in action. some drama perhaps?? Grey's Anatomy-like hopefully.

now the hunt for the perfect mattress goes on, big enough for 2 but not so big for 1. heh. a year of good nights sleep beckons, but for now i'll have to do with the one in my room, which is keeping me awake, hence this blog entry.