Tuesday, April 28, 2009


so im about 4 weeks into my GP rotation now. boring at times but learning alot somehow. Ive been assignmed to a fantastic GP, a really nice doctor who has been really patient and helpful to me as well as his patients. GPs play a really important role in the lives of people here in Australia, it is quite unlike what goes on back home, where the GP is more like a flu-medication dispensing clinic. Gp placements each week has been good, but the lectures on other days have been quite tiring. Today we had to tell a gentleman the diagnosis of MS. It was actually the firs time I had to see a doctor break bad news to a patient, and it wasnt the most pleasant experience. you could see the guy was outwardly devastated, having a bomb drop like that on a person, can be quite devastating.I cam into GP with some negative impressions about what was going on, just like Psychiatry, but its turning out to be better than expected. I guess i should stop letting first impressions or experiences of others to affect my perception. 5 more weeks to end of the semester, I gotta start working and do well and get these 2 subjects out of the way. Settled my elective for next year, ECUADOR HERE I COME!!!!!