Tuesday, January 27, 2009

byebye Summer, hello 4th year

its the last week of my summer holiday now, and the feeling that its coming to a close now isnt exactly the best. My elective ended last week and the experience I gained while over there was unforgettable. The lunar new year festivities have just begun, but as always, it is a short affair for my family, all the required visits done in one day. Can't say im a fan of the lunar new year, but it somehow felt good to be around this year, my first new year in 3 years. Also managed to squeeze in a game of golf or 2 during the time that I've been back though I wish I had more time on the course as well as the range.

Well thats all coming to a close now, and 4th year in Med school begins shortly. The requirements this year look quite ridiculous, >90% attendance and filling up + submission of time sheets, thats just crazy, NO TIME FOR GOLF!!!! oh well, shall make do and enjoy myself none the less, thats the only way to make the best of things.Its the year for my BIG exam, just another 36 weeks to perseere through.