Monday, July 30, 2007


Intellect + Style = My image of the 'doctor'

and just adding a teeny bit of sleek to top it off.....


Thursday, July 19, 2007

bad newssss.........

The exam yesterday was a terrible mess, the questions on Microbioloy were just like the organisms we were meant to know about, A fucking annoyance. Certainly dosen't give any confidence to any one like me taking an exam and going thru a dozen MCQs, and not knowing what was going on, and worst of all not being able to eliminate the choices to narrow down answers. I've totally wasted the extra month we were given to prepare for the exams. What is most annoying and disappointing, is that despite knowing the consequences of last minute exam preparations, and foreboding unimpressive grades, I still wasn't able to kick myself in the arse and get myself studying.

Good vs. Emo/Evil. I wasn't quite sure what the theme of the party was last night. Highlight of the party would definitely have to be the jackmeister himself Jack Griffin himself dressing up as Jesus Christ, and doing an awesome job at blasphemy as well as sending his own ass straight to hell when the times comes. (no love lost for you mate).

it's been a while since I've experienced bad news in my personal life. and the most recent one, being this morning didn't come well at all. brushing aside 5 missed calls last night from my family back home while I was getting myself inebriated, I woke up this morning, to another phone call from my mom, telling me my grand dad had passed away. Heart failure---->Postural Hypotension----> syncope----->trauma----->hemorrhage----> death. it freaks me out to see myself seeing the pathology of the sequence of events, without having felt a sense of loss. perhaps its just me, perhaps its the whole idea of medicine that has desensitized me. perhaps its just that I haven't had really bad news told to me in a long time, that i've just forgotten how im suppose to feel. but life goes on.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

studying studying.....

its the day before my long overdued exam. been camping in the library for the past 2 days, shoulda done this much earlier, been getting more work done than back in my private cave. fuck..... what needs to be done has been valiantly attempted, hoping for the best tomorrow, but expecting the worst. peace out....

Thursday, July 12, 2007


the past few days have been dreadful. I hate feeling lethargic and exhausted. even with my alarm clock set at 830am, so that I can get up for a morning gym session, I end up rolling out of bed at 1030am. Something is amiss. sleeping at 2 am is not an excuse, as I lived and breathed 5 hours sleep sessions during my high school and army days. stupid exams, everyone else is chilling out except my own tired-ass....fuck.

Monday, July 9, 2007

my study plans are going no where....

my study plans are going no where. distractions abound. shows to watch, movies to see, and girls to sarge.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

back from Tassie..

so i got back from Tassie yesterday, but just too tired to blog till today. I must say I'm very glad to have visited Tasmania. Amazing scenery. i'm definitely going to make a trip back for the adventure stuff and check out more scenery. Some of the highlights of the tour included the Cadbury Factory Tour, the Cascade Brewery tour the drive up to Mt Wellington, AMAZING seafood and not forgetting the delightful scones at Shot Tower.

Putting up at Zhi's place was good. Saved myself a good deal of money. Tried out his ride, a souped up 350Z, possibly the noisiest car I have heard so far. Proved my mettle in whipping up tantalizing medium-rare steaks. Well now, what do I think of Tasmania.

Basically a rural environment, the only city-like place being Hobart located far down in the south, a 3.5 hour drive from Davenport. Davenport and Launceston are basically huge rural towns. you don't see buildings taller than 20 stories with the tallest building in Hobart being Wrest Point, the Crown-wannabe. Most of the homes being built by the hillsides along the coast in a stepped manner, gives all the residents an excellent ocean front view. Weather in the mornings can be dreadful. upon disembarking from the ship, the FOG was so thick, one could not see further than 2 car lengths in front.thankfully such driving conditions did no persist throughout the trip. On the whole, the weather was somewhat similar to Melbourne, perhaps a few degrees lower on average, at this time of the year. Seafood in Hobart is amazing, and so are the fish and chips.

Despite being a small place, to explore Tasmania sufficiently, would require at least a 2 week trip. Getting about is not easy if you do not have a car as the only means of transport around is by BUS. there are numerous places to explore, from quaint lodges and cottages to taste amazing Aztec Chilli-Choc Mocha to soft, mouth-watering scones at Shot Tower. A delightful spread of oysters awaits seafood lovers at Barilla Bay out in Sorrell. People who love to drive, will thoroughly enjoy the drive throughout Tassie, with speed limits at 110 km/h and very very beautiful scenery along the way.

The links below will show you the photos I took during the trip, its too many for a blog.

For now, its back to hitting the books for the postponed exam.