Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gynae'oncology...death... and the cancer monster

its 4 weeks into my gynae'oncology rotation and so far it has by far been the best rotation I have yet since starting the clinical years. I have been treated with respected and accorded the duties and responsibilities of a junnior doctor and never made to feel like I was a burden or hindrance in the team. The doctors, Kym the fellow, Annie the Registrar and all the consultants have been very understanding and nice. I could not have asked for a nicer working team. I was going to write about this on friday, but somehow things just got pushed to now, monday 1250am. Anyway, What I wanted to write about was a particular patient (DV) I have helped managed in the last 4 weeks. so last friday she was making those terminal groans and moans that all dying people do, and she was in pain. It was not a comfortable sight at all. And being in that same room with teary eyed family members wasnt an easy thing to deal with. The worst thing of all is knowing how things can change so rapidly. I saw her well and walking (despite her incontinence/fistula) issues, she was still alive so to speak. Now, it would be a miracle to see her still around when i turn up to the hospital tomorrow......I do not really have much to say or rather cant thing of anything else to put down.. but this I will never forget.