Sunday, April 18, 2010

End of Gen MED....

I've just finished my Gen Med rotation for 5th year and I must say I enjoyed it much more that I had initially expected.most fortunate enough to have nice and friendly consulant, registrar and resident. perhaps the only downside was to be paired with a moron, who has shit for brains. Taht being said, I have learnt immensely from this rotation. I personally feel that after the rotation, I' have indeed taken a wider step towards becoming a doctor. a much longer stride compared to breast surgery I must say. Writing, referrral, discharge summaries, pathology slips, radiology requests, scripts.. etc are now second nature. Clinical acumen, procedural skills and the like, I think i've made huge improvements in those areas as well. I got to DO so much more in this rotation than in any others from 3rd year,. This is the beauty of being a FINAL year medical student.much experience, and no responsibilities. My registrar feels I have a split temperament, suited for either surgery or medicine. As much as I enjoy the challenge of diagnostic and management dilemmas in Medicine, the lack of decisiveness and certainty makes it hard to bear as a career.

I cant see my self doing medicine, I think its for people with far more patience than I do possess. Patience, thats also one thing I feel I have improved on quiet a bit after having to tolerate the tomfoolery and foolishness of an almost clinically incompetent medical student. One still begs the great mystery," how did he end up passing high school?" much less getting into medicine. People ignorant of their ignorance greatly bother me, especially when I have to be patient and understanding; and allow them to share their opinions. I look forward to Gynae-oncology which is coming up next. Back to the operating theatre, where I feel I belong. the wards are a more cheerful place, but nothing surpasses the focus and decisiveness of a competent surgeon.

I actually am looking forward to be a Gen Med intern next year. But we'll see what happens, this "working" and not getting paid deal is starting to take its toll on me. 2 rotations down, 3 to go before my awesome elective in Ecuador. Cant wait. till then. peace