Thursday, March 19, 2009

regularity and containment

so its been a while since my last entry, not that it matters since no one is reading this anyway. So psychiatry has been alright. started out quite alright actually, but then we had a 5000 word case report to write up, so 2weeks of the rotation was basically spent preparing and writing it. totally sucked the life out of experiencing psychiatry to its fullest. Imust add that the program hasnt had the best structure, and till this day, I am not sure what I've actually learnt. The doctors have definitely been great though. CATT, CL, block P, CAHMS; I've definitely picked up a few things from the frenlyl regs and is just a matter of me passing the exams. Anyhow, I was lucky enough to get to sit in with a family therapy session today. It is really interesting to see the dynamics that go on within a family. Even more so when the parents are capable, successful individuals, in this case, doctor and dentist. People also debate about nuture vs nature and how much each actually contributes to WHO WE ARE. This debate will never end, and we will never have a winner. it takes two hands to clap, and what one notices as an outsider really stirs curiostiy into what actually makes a GOOD family, and is there a perfect one? TOday - from the parents point of view, it seemed that they fail to accept the fact that their son being sick today, has nothing to do with their parental ways or their own personality, attributing most of the blame to their son and his intrinsic self. That might be true, but it seems the parents were forgetting that their son's intrinsic self was essentially passed down thru mendelian genetics, and that the family environemnt created by them as parents, and other social influences ultimately has lead to the patient ending up this way. Having said that, the son on the other hand was perhaps more resistant then any child I would imagine to be with regard to parental opinions. Notwithstanding the fact that he is in his teenage years and probalby has much going on shaping his perspectives and his sense of SELF; the amoutn of resistance he was putting up, was FAR greater than even what I would personally do to my parents. Even if my explicit self was defiant and aloof, there was still my conscience that took into consideration what others said; but this wasnt apparent in the kid in question. I was sensing some kind of a self-centred, narcissitic trait.

Its really interesting, and I guess no other profession really allows you to use the experiences of others to reflect on yourself, on yoru own behaviours, thoughts and emotions. It is quite a blessing to be part of the family of medicine.

also, ive just started with spanish classes. been really fun, and really hope to be fluent in spanish by next year. hasta la vista!