Friday, May 25, 2007

fuck you idiot asses.... I learnt that the exams are gonna be postponed till after the holidays, in the 2nd semester. totally killed my mood. destroyd my study was going good, putting in a few hours every after school in the library, getting organised, and now it feel liks someone stuf a freakin pebble in the middle of the road, when i'm goign down hill at 80km/h on a skateboard... university, swotvac....what the fuck seriously, its only becoz of a few days, and some ill disciplined morons had to make a complain. so many generations of doctors before went through the same system before us without any problems. no doubt the MSA was acting in our interest. no one is blaming them. we blame the morons, who would be our colleagues in a few years time, who made this petty complain.

Now the exams are 8 weeks away. and worst of all my holiday is ruined. somehow i'll have to go through with it, doing my assignments, entertaining friends from singapore, travelling to Tasmania and revision. ARGGGGGGGHHH, just feeling really pissed off right now.this is really really frustrating. guess i'll just have to manage and be flexible. no worries, good doctors always rise to the occassion.

Haven't been waking up according to schedule lately. and according to my good fren Zarif, " You Snooze, You lose"
which is actaully very very true. for two consecutive days, I snoozed, and I end up being almost late for classes. FUCK. I need to change something. Gym sessions have also somewhat been reduced lately, for some unknown reason.

I need to get my act together. Today, is the end of a week, and let the new week ahead, be the beginning of a change for the better.

Monday, May 14, 2007

waterpolo with kids......

one of the best saturdays I've had since starting med school. buying groceries, heading back to my room, watching a couple of movies was pretty much how my saturdays usually went, throw in a few hours of trying self-directed learning. BUT TODAY, I got myself involved in a Waterpolo Clinic for Kids. and how cute they are, especially the few who's name I got to remember, Maverie, Keallie and Rhys. Really adorable kids. This clinic goes on for another 2 saturdays, and I am definitely going to be part of it.

and sunday..... Inter-Halls swimming competition once again. guess who rocked up a splendid performance once again??? me of course. haha. Whilst last year it was more of a one-man show, this year we had a great team. Good participation from the girls and another amazing bloke by the name of Trevor, terrific swimmer. once again Richo prevailed, and this time I won the 25m Fly I narrowly lost last year. we SWEPT the relays, and there was no 2nd guessing who the champions were going to be once again.

monday.....I know this seems like a combined blog of the weekend, but I can't help it. my discipline standards has plummeted to embarassing standards as of late. School is back on track once again. seeing everyone again. setup my wireless internet after more than a yaer of procrastination. and with this I have made a new resolution. On days that I do not have evening activities, I will take my study to the library, away from distractions.I got one month left to the semester exams, and I do not intend to give myself excuses for dismal results. The next few days are going to be hectic, HPKM ethics submission is due, CPP is also due soon, and exams are in a month.

damn i really hate assignments. especially when they are irrelevant and take up precious study time. But I shall persevere.

and lastly, last day of CPP tomorrow. WOOHOO!

Friday, May 11, 2007

finally the end of CPP.....

its been a very very long 3 days at Billings Method this past week. I decided that for once I shall leave slightly later at 830am, since CPP didnt really matter anymore, not like the people down at the placement really bothered with whether or not we were late or punctual. I still managed to reach Fitzroy 10 mins before time. Melbroune Rush hour traffic, heaviest between 745 and 815, after this, its much smoother. When I use to leave at 8ish, I usually reached Fitzroy just on time. Buggar, I coulda have 30 mins more sleep every tuesday morning. oh well, what's done is done. These last days at Billings have been rather rewarding compared to our first few days there. We got to meet the pioneers of the Billings Method, Dr Lyn Billings and also Prof James Brown ( the man who came up with the progesterone/oestrogen chart/graph during a menstrual cycle)it was really an honour to be in the same room as he was, having seen that graph over and over again in school studying biology not so long ago. our CPP project finally came into harvest. we decided that Billings on the whole was dull and boring and havent't had any avenue for advertisement, since they were pretty much quite tight at the pouch. So we came up with perhaps the most beautiful pamphlet ever, eye-catching and elegant. it was pretty much Hiep's work alone, but we all gave ideas. heh.

Finally back into the pool playing water polo. for the 2nd time in my life, i've never felt so tired ever before. this sentence is kinda wrong, but what the fuck. Urban week has come to and end, it seems that I have just tossed the 2 weeks out of the window. There were so many things I wanted to revise for my semester exams, btu at the end of it all, i can't quite remember what I did, school wise. This is seriously very poor discipline and time management. I gotta do something about it.

Lastly, the weather has been getting colder as of late, getting more and more difficult for me to get out of bed.damn it. And I made the decision o go down to Tasmania during winter. Looking forward to that.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Teacher Training Course.

CPP once again. This time, I had to make my way to freaking Eltham, which is sitting on the brink of RURAL-hood. GOt lost along the way, so that certainly didnt help the 45 min drive. Chart after Chart after Chart. 930am to 530pm. It was like going back to high school, and sitting in class, one after another. It was perhaps one of the most tiring days I have ever had, related to school work. now im having back spasms. Having said that, today was perhaps one of the better days of the placement so far. At least now we are learning important things. The billings method is more than just a tool for fertility. by recognising the patterns throughout the ovulatory cycle, women empowered with this knowledge would be able to recognise unusual physiological changes, more than just to detect fertility or infertility. rather, they would be able to take this awareness, and go to a trained medical professional for further assessment. this would definitely be a big step in the direction of preventive medicine especially int he area of womens health. I would definitely teach this method, once I am equipped with the necessary skills to friends and family who want a greater sense of self-empowerment.

Lunch was definitely good today. gourmet pizza. met some great people too. not exactly looking forward to tomorrow yet, as it is going to be another long day, but it would be enriching none the less.

fuck you monash city council...

headed down to MMC today for my 'Buddy Visit'. I chose MMC for the visit this time around, as I already have been to the Alfred before. Contrary to popular belief, it really isn't a bad hospital to do clinicals next year. The final year student, Chole was really helpful, way better than the final student I had last year. I ahte seeing final year students though. everytime I see one, i am reminded of the many years I have left till the beginning of the end. well, it never really ends in medicine now does it?

Was very fortunate to meet Max today. Perhaps the most enthusiastic patient I have ever met so far. Never would I expect a recovering patient from a 3ple bypass would be so keen on letting medical students like myself, who are clueless about anything, take his history or perform a physical examination. 78 years of age and still full of energy. a stark contrast from the other patients in his ward, who weren't as 'frenly' so to speak. But we can't really blame them, the last thign any recovering patient would really really want, is a bunch of medical students coming in and using them as tst subjects. Anyways, to Max, I wish you a speedy recovery, and I shall always remember what you told us. " As long as YOU learn something, I don't mind you doing whatever you want with me." " You have to be the best at what you do, because its you guys who will be looking after patients like me in the future". your words, I will take with me wherever I go, whenever I look at any patient. Thank you so much Max.

on a more messed up note, I received a damn fine for parking my car over the duration alloted. and now i have to pay 54 bucks to the damn city council. fuck hungry SOBs. don't understand why anyone would put parking restrictions on a road that is perhaps 2.5 lanes wide. better luck next time I guess.