Monday, June 9, 2008

50% doctor...

so its now the last week of my first semester in 3rd year of medical school. how time flies. even before even though it seems like its been ages since the first day of clinical placements, 18 weeks has gone by just like that. Turned 23 last week, no dramas there. More importantly after these 18 weeks:

1. importance of breakfast
2. articulating/voicing your knowledge is more important than keeping it in your head and putting it on paper
3. for some people, even after 18 weeks of placement, still remain lazy and unmotivated and I will be having to deal with such people when i actually start working
4. an efficient self-study/revising method should be out there, for the existing one is not working well enough for me
5. unhelpful and unfrenly patients dun deserve my sympathy; especially those who waste my time by acknowledging an interview and then cutting it short halfway --> you people dun deserve the nice frenly doctors, but that is ok, I will still wear a smile in front of you.
6. I need a new study plan for semester 2, to make myself better, to destroy all other students who try to challenge me; especially when I know I'm right.

Anyways, the winter break is nearing and I am very excited about heading back to Singapore to see some friends I have not met in 2 years. Things will be getting crazy from the 15th of June. Can't wait. Even more exciting, my trip to Vietnam to teach English will be an experience that is second to none, it being my first service project that I actually self-volunteered to participate in.

until next time.....

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