Sunday, April 20, 2008

guitar hero

well im definitely no guitar hero. But this game is AWESOME. Haven't played such an addictive game in ages. The songs are awesome and hitting the notes just never felt better. I didnt see the appeal of such games until I tried it for myself, it is a really good social activity, gather a couple of close frens together and battle each other or co-op to try complete the most difficult songs...... Im quite glad I dotn ahve it on my own, otherwise my studies will be taking a back seat. many many awesome songs on this game. I've also been watching these videos of insane guitar hero players who seem to complete the toughest songs with such ease. Takes alot of commitment I must say, more commitment than a medical student to his studies. IT scares me that peopel can play so well,clearly their lives outside of their Wii or Playstation world are quite limited.

Check this out.