Thursday, May 15, 2008

theatre time....

so today I scrubbed in on a procedure, quite a minor one, but nonetheless supercool. cute little 2 year old boy must have been mischievous, coz he fell face first into the ground and suffered a lacerated tongue. the laceration must have been around 3.5 cm long, jagged edged and quite gory I must say. quite lucky I have a friend who is a Max-Facs surgeon in training, and he allowed me to put in half the stitches to put the little rasclas tongue back together. its really amazing how some simple suturing in some ways is "reconstructive", especially in this little boy, his tongue. Tongue = Speech + Taste + Appearance.

and my multi-purpose reflex hammer arrived today, so its been a good day.

Friday, May 2, 2008

waking up late...

waking up late to the realization that you are late for bedside tutorial is no joke. Furthermore, having only 4 hours sleep the night before only makes matters worst. But most importantly, I skipped my breakfast today, brisk walked to the hospital and rushed up 4 flights of i found my group and we shortly went to see a patient.

it was diabetic patient and as we went on, we came to the issue of neuropathy and how proprioception and vibration sensations are affected first before temp/fine touch discrimination.

and at that instant, somehow, my leg went numb, like it freaking disappeared, I couldn't bear my own body weight, and collapsed to the ground. I didn't faint, I just fell. Freaking hypoglycaemic event, compounded by some dehydration overnight.

The importance of breakfast I assure you, cannot be stressed more.