Sunday, July 5, 2009

vaginas and kids

its 0745 hrs now, and im about 10 mins from leaving my house to start this new semester in Womens Health and Paediatrics, another gruelling - if not more intense 18 weeks than the last, before the year is over. I expect exciting times ahead, long hours but nonetheless interesting and motivating. GP and Psych are now put behind me, I didn't have to sit supps, so lets assume I was able to pass and did not fail. It is a good feeling. Not alot happened in the last 2 weeks - yes a mere 2 weeks of a holiday after such a long semester, and its back to the grind, reading books and watching DVDs, musicals and whatnot, a good relaxing period. could have been more exciting. Note to self - plan short holidays in advance in the future. The wimbledon finals was great, just ended a few hours ago. Although my player for this tournament - ANdy Roddick lost out eventually,it was a really really good match. Both players deserved to win, Andy more than Roger. But life is cruel, and I know Andy will be definitely be back with better tennis after this commendable but cruel loss. Better things to come in the future.