Tuesday, March 25, 2008

why the fuck are Local university students so poor??

so I'm now in the midst of my easter break and I have done zilch for study, but that's alright I need all th motivation I can get and hit it hard when uni starts again next week. The parents are in town to visit, and I've been palying tour guide most of the time. Took a drive up to Mt Dandenong on Saturday morning which was pretty pleasant, had a taste of the famous pies they made at Pies In The Sky which was quite good, but didnt get to try the scones from miss marples. Other than that, its been golfing and more golfing. Holidays = GOlf, what more could I ask for, and we're going again tomorrow. The Irons are working really well for me these days, but im still having trouble with the incurable slice that has been a huge impediment to my game.

Interesting news I came across in the local paper today. " STudents' SeX For CASH" now that totally caught my eye. Apparently Monash Uni students are turning to prostitution to fund their education. Apparently students are' being forced to work long hours' in addition to their studies to pay basic rent, and the president for the Students' Union has called for an increase in the Youth allowance, eligible youths get, which apparently is well below poverty line. According to this guy," students have to meet lots of expectations and society isnt giving them a chance to meet those expectations, as they have to commit lots of time to work instead of study."

Well, what i have to say about this is FUCK U ALL. First of all, the locals don't have to pay their fees upfront, even if they do, its 20% of what international students have to pay. If they're living from home they have zilch to pay for, if they move out, then it's only rent they pay for. So where the fuck does all their money go to??? someone i know made a huge fuss about being asked to pay 60bucks more to live in a room twice the size of everyone else's. She's 20 and she cant make the decision to pay 60 bucks more, she had to ask her parents. Seriously, if you don't pay your school fees, and you get YOUTH ALLOWANCE, where in THE FUCK IS ALL YOUR MONEY??? Most International Students I know have very few issues when it comes to payments that invovles basic necessities. But it is understandable when they say they can't afford it, because it is true when you are paying 40000 a year compared to everyone else who pays 8000, WE REALLY DONT AHVE MUCH MONEY LEFT, but we never make a huge fuss involving 60 bucks a year, 5 bucks a month, 1.25 dollars a week.

I don't care if your parents are farmers or doctors or janitors, prioritize your own fucking money, spend less on booze, shoes and clothes, girls dont need 20 pairs of shoes and if you're hot it dosen't matter what you wear.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

when they say life is unpredictable, they mean it....

today I learnt that this patient I saw on quite a few occasions to take a history, do an examination or sometimes just simply stopping by and having a chat and see how he was improving had died 2 days ago.

On the first day of my INfectious Diseases rotation, he was a very sick looking man who had just come out of a valve repair procedure, as a result of bacterial endocarditis. He was barely able to speak coherently and was vaguely aware of where he was. As the days went my, he got better, starting eating better, was slowly able to walk on his own without any aids and in a week or 2 he was looking well on the road of recovery. I must have gone by to seen him around 5 times, which dosent seem alot, but when you compare that to the average number of times medical students see patients its 5x as many.

so this afternoon, I overheard my ID resident speaking to the nurses about what happened and was pretty shocked to hear the news. It is really quite saddening to see a young man who was planning to turn his life around after the disease go just like that, in a finger snap*. What happened??? A ruptured spleen, from multiple emboli that caused multiple infarcts in the spleen. and simply bled to death internally.

oh well such is life, and he will probably be one of many people i shall be seeing in my career as a doctor but he'll probably be the one I will always remember.