Thursday, September 3, 2009

obstetrics and gynaecology - the vagtastic voyage

so 9 weeks of O&G has just gone by in the blink of an eye. The last 9 weeks have definitely been the most memorable experience for me in 4 years of medical school so far. Never before, have I been involved in a more rewarding health care specialty, where each clinic, theatre list or 8hour labour experience was never once a matter of going through the motions. In gynae oncology I experienced HARDCORE surgery, day in and out, on the Labour ward I experienced one of life's natural, most heartwarming experience, the process of childbirth; the smile on the faces of mothers after 8 hours of what seems like unending pain, the tears on faces of fathers after seeing their newborns. In the ante-natal care, the complex mechanisms of physiology, pathology and anatomy made even more challenging by 2 living systems existing in a mutually exclusive, yet interminable bond. I know, its an oxymoron. the experience over the last 9 weeks has seriously made me consider pursuing a career in O&G. Never before have I had something other than Reconstructive surgery exerting such a strong interest. truly, O&G is a specialty for the intellectual ones. The variety of topics one can encounter, from Fertility and IVF, Cancer, Urological issues, child birth, and even Fetal Health requires are all very enticing.
I'm rather glad, that I have had this unique experience which has not opened up my once close mind, in terms of career pursuits. while, I would have liked to maintain my original goals of a surgical career in H&N/reconstructive surgery, i would not have had the experience of searching for the one purpose in life that I can confidently say I would be willign to sacrifice everything else to pursue; which without would have been a great tragedy.

Paediatrics is next, which I am also very excited about. it will be 9 more weeks before the big exams start, which I hope I would do well in. The year has been hard and long. The light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel.