Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008

short of breath....

strange thing happened today, wouldn't expect it to happen, even more so with the hard work that I've put in. as usual, with most exams, I get trouble falling asleep the night before. But last night, it was quite a shock. Each time i closed my eyes, al I could feel was my heart racing, and no matter what I tried to think about or NOT think about, it wouldn't go away. What was worst, was that on 2 occasions, I actually felt short of breath and had to sit up in my bed to catch my breath before trying to go back to sleep again. I don't know how I got through today, must have been running on adrenaline or something.

I think i've been putting too much pressure on myself, pressure to be the best and pressure to not disappoint myself and it sort of backfired. Even more so, when I won a prize from the Faculty; I felt good at first, but then I felt I had to perform even better. it's only one more exam before the summer holidays start. Can't wait, this year has been too long.