Wednesday, December 24, 2008

summer holidays and electives

so its been 3 weeks since my exams ended and I've since returned to Singapore. started my holidays with some wisdom teeth extractions, and that put me out of action for almost 10 days. Things have since settled and life has gotten back to normal. The weather in Singapore has been surprisingly good, relatively little rain so far and it hasn't been as hot as expected. The weather tonight is at 23 deg C, which is rare but also aided by the rain which lasted the whole day. Golf has been going ok, but not as well as I want it to be.Some new modifications to my driver, but my swing still requires some tweaking.

Currently doing an Elective in ENT at Changi General Hospital, and its been wonderful so far. The doctors have all been really nice, from the consultants to the MOs. only my 3rd day into the placement and with 4.5 weeks left, Ive learnt so much apart from the clinical medicine aspect of it. The spectrum of dieases, the patient mindset, career advancement and prospects in surgery that I've come to be aware of has opened my perspective of medicine to a whole new level. Also, from speaking with the team of doctors, I've somewhat had a paradigm shift in terms of my plans following graduation from med school, and my myopic outlook of a surgical career has been cleared up quite a bit from simple conversations with the various ENT doctors. Thats not to say I've been discouraged or anything. The challenges are tougher, but my motivation has never been greater.

More to come in the next month or so. I'm really glad i started on this elective.